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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Getting ready for my trip!

So I have less than 5 days to go until I leave for my trip to Israel. I am very excited about all the things that I will be seeing and all the people I will be meeting. I have much to prepare before I am ready to leave. Here is a list of all the things I need to have done before I am on my way.
1. Complete all my paperwork for work.
2. Buy more warm clothes.
3. Pack (after I do laundry)
4. Have my first Romania Team meeting.
5. Hair cut?

Well those are just some of the things that I have to get done in the next 5 days. The other day I went and bought myself a pair of closed toe shoes (Skechers) and I have been wearing them around the house to break them in. I feel like I am loosing all my circulation to my feet when I wear them. I haven't worn closed toe shoes for a long time and my feet have been used to slippers and are a little more flat and wide than usual. OH, man I think my feet are numb.
Anyways, tomorrow (Saturday) I was approved to work so I can finish all the paper work I need to do before I leave. It's good because I can cut a little out of my vacation day use.

Cold Israel here I come.

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swell and sheepie said...

Yikes, you have lots to do! Hopefully you can get most of it done. Either way, you have to come now! Sorry about your shoes. Sucks to break in shoes. You can always just bring some fuzzy slippers to wear around, just switch to shoes when we are outside. I didn't know you were working on Sat, hopefully you won't be to tired! Good luck getting everything done. We'll try to make it warmer for you when you come... we'll just break the rules and get yelled at.