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Monday, May 25, 2009

Not good at this blogging thing...

Well, I'm sure you noticed that I've been kind of slacking on updating my blog. I really have a boring life and many times I have nothing to write.
Like today for instance, it's Memorial day, I decide I'll work a few hours for those clients who said they would come. I drove to Portland this afternoon for an hour (cause I live in the middle of no where) and waited and waited and my first two kids never showed up. I called them and they forgot. Of course they're having fun enjoying the sun and the holiday, and I wait in the stinky office and they forget. Now I'm waiting for my last one, who I called to cancel but she didn't answer.

A couple of weeks ago I worked at a rehab center in Vancouver for my on-call job. They told me it would be for a month, but found out that they center only has me for the one week. I was thinking, oh well I made some good extra money and maybe they'll find me something else. Nope, I still only have my regular job, which is going well but it's still part time.

I leave for Romania in 25 days from today. We are packing soon and still have some crafts prep to finish. I still haven't found a church so I haven't gone in a while, except for yesterday when i went with my parents to Crossroads. They had a guest speaker who does pottery. It was pretty good.

I watched the entire season of Amazing Race 14 online. They went to Romania and Maui, and many other fun places. It was kind of fun to watch. I really would like to apply to be on it. Maybe I can win the one million dollars.

Well, I haven't been doing anything else fun. Started running (taking real slow since i'm not a runner). I might do a 5k in June for Crossroads.

Well sorry to bore you with my boring life. Hope you're doing well.