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Friday, January 26, 2018

Our wonderful blessing!

Two years ago we were blessed with our first son and he's just wonderful.  He's one of our biggest blessings and we love him more than we ever thought we could love anyone.
For his 2nd birthday and for our 3rd year anniversary we went to Maui.

We've been teaching Emanuel Romanian and he's doing great.  He says so many things and also repeats new words every day.  He can count, say his name, say how old he is, knows everyone's name and how to ask for things.  He loves cars, trains, and dinosaurs.  Since Christmas he's started playing with Lego Duplos and he is becoming more and more creative with them.  
We go on many hikes with Hike it Baby and have almost completed our third challenge (30 min 3x/week or 30 miles in a month).  
He amazes us every day with his knowledge and his beauty.  God has created a masterpiece and He entitled us with his care.  I love spending every minute with him and want to teach him to be respectful, loving, carrying, and a man of God.  We do our best to teach him what he needs to learn.  
I pray that God gives us strength and wisdom to teach him the best.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A new beginning...

2014 was a year of adventures.  Camping, dating, traveling, getting engaged, and preparing for a wedding.  Wow so many things have happened.  In January 2013 I met an amazing man.  He's been loving, caring, funny, and adventurous with me.  After a up and down relationship, we fell more and more in love with each other.  In November 2014 we went to Maui to visit our friends, and on my favorite beach he asked me to marry him.  And of course I said YES.
We decided to get married quickly, since I'm no spring chicken anymore :)  The wedding happened 3 months later.  We were so blessed.  We found the perfect place to have the wedding,  we were able to make the invitations and take them to all our families and friends, and I found my perfect dress the first time I tried the dresses on.  After many preparations the day was up on us.  God blessed us with the most beautiful, joyous, and amazing day.  Who would have expected a beautiful, sunny day in the middle of January.  Surrounded by family and friends our adventure began.  It couldn't have been a better day.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013


One of the countries I've always wanted to visit. And I'm finally here. The beautiful green hills and the gorgeous Alps in the background driving to Bern. You couldn't ask for more.  
I'm so glad I finally was able to come visit Heather and Tim. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today was a great day. No work, just fun. Shopping, ice skating, hanging out, watching TV, chatting, and eating.
Today I had my ice skating lesson where I got to do the Dutch Waltz ice dance... you can look it upon You Tube and get an idea of what it looks like. Of course my didn't look at all as graceful. Luckily I didn't trip my coach or we could have both go down. It's so much better when I practice on my own, and my lessons go so much more smoother. I still got a few days free this week so I can practice.

On another note. My best friend from high school found me on facebook. Love internet right now. I've been looking for her for the past almost 12 years and I guess she's been looking for me too. We chatted on facebook today and it was so nice to catch up with her and learn about her life in the past 12 years. She would tell me things I did or said and I of course didn't believe I said or did those things, but this shows me how much we can change after high school. Looking forward to talk to her more and learn more about her family.

I need to finalize my vacation to New Zealand soon before tickets get outrageously expensive. Hopefully I can go in April. I'll find out soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Most advanced student of the week!

I felt just like a kid today. Over the past couple of months I've been taking ice skating lessons from a private coach. I've been trying hard to do what he's been telling me and practicing when I have time but I've been down about my slow progress on the ice. No, I'm not doing any jumps or spins but learning the basics and how to properly skate. But today I was able to do something I never thought I could and with my fear (of an adult) he said it might take me a while. Well today I tried it without him having to hold my hand and I DID it. I was proud of my self but my coach was smiling from ear to ear and was hugging me like a little kid. I've never seen him so proud and happy. Really made me feel like a kid and so good inside. He told me I was the most advance student of the week... but it's only Tuesday night...
Ice skating is hard work but I'm not going to give up and I'll keep trying.
On another note: is there something wrong with me or do I just always scare guys away...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Work, Work, Work...

That's all I seem to be doing lately. Last week was my week off but they called me to work a couple of days and I agreed to a few hours on Thurs and Friday. Now it's my week to work 10 hours per day which of course turn into 11 hours per day and it will not end till Sunday. It's nice to have a week off but by the time you recover from the work week it's time to start work again.
Today I have such a headache from work, stinky therapy pool at work, and thinking about an important matter. Sometimes I wish I could just run away and not have to work or think about anything. But where do I run? New Zealand? - I wish (of course now the earthquake happens and it makes me a little scared, but who cares, I get to see N and M and the beautiful country.
Maui? - still have to work since it's so expensive, Europe? - find myself a rich, old dude who can support my travels and shopping and don't have to work again. Ha ha that would never happen.
Well enough of my boring thoughts... oh and I have many thoughts no one wants to hear...
Praying for those in New Zealand...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Woke up to a beautiful snowy day. The flakes are are like tiny coasters coming down from the sky.
It's like a white wonderland...