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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today was a great day. No work, just fun. Shopping, ice skating, hanging out, watching TV, chatting, and eating.
Today I had my ice skating lesson where I got to do the Dutch Waltz ice dance... you can look it upon You Tube and get an idea of what it looks like. Of course my didn't look at all as graceful. Luckily I didn't trip my coach or we could have both go down. It's so much better when I practice on my own, and my lessons go so much more smoother. I still got a few days free this week so I can practice.

On another note. My best friend from high school found me on facebook. Love internet right now. I've been looking for her for the past almost 12 years and I guess she's been looking for me too. We chatted on facebook today and it was so nice to catch up with her and learn about her life in the past 12 years. She would tell me things I did or said and I of course didn't believe I said or did those things, but this shows me how much we can change after high school. Looking forward to talk to her more and learn more about her family.

I need to finalize my vacation to New Zealand soon before tickets get outrageously expensive. Hopefully I can go in April. I'll find out soon.

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