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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Not much going on here. The weather has been real windy and rainy. I hope it will quiet down soon cause I have to go work on Lanai on Friday. I am not looking forward to the boat ride.
Yesterday, was so sad. I had a meeting with CPS and today one of my kids will be taken away from their parents. I know it will be better for the kids, but I still feel sad about the whole situation.
This past weekend I had another classmate visit from Oahu. We didn't hang out much since she had 3 other friends with her. We had dinner and breakfast over the weekend. The best Belgium waffles, yum.
I also got to see the movie "Catch and Release". It was an ok movie, but I like watching movies with Jennifer Garner.
Sorry for the sort post, but I don't have much going on here.
Hope everyone is well.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Aloha Friday!

For those of you who were interested in the lyrics of the Aloha Friday song, here they are:

It's Aloha Friday, No Work 'til Monday Song Lyrics

c 1982 Paul Natto

Here is where I sit, all cloudy and blitzed

with the Primo bottles lying everywhere

Got a guitar in my hand and a Wesson Oil can

Under my okole for a chair.


It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday.

Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!


The cousins all here, drinking up my beer

got keikies running everywhere.

I got some poki on the side while mama's trying to hide

the Miller and the Heineken beer.


OK. You know when you wanna get away, I mean one ting

about Friday ma, da working work is ovah yeah.

Frankly, ya, I feel good man.

I work hard all week long.

I can't wait to get away, you know like down like the beach.

I'm cruise dis weekend yeah, get one hot concert too man,

dat's the most important ting. But main ting too,

is to get enough money fo gas and to go out to da disco.

I like to see all da beautiful chicks Yeah!

So now I gonna jus kinda cruise, take my Bank Americard,

you know adderwise, how can I get money?

Right, plus den my friends always say

eh braddah, you can buy me one drink then.


Kimo and the crew sucking up the brew

pulehu meat smoking on the side

All the surfers are a-droppin'

while the highschool are a-poppin'

down Kaluakaua for a ride.


It's Aloha Friday, no work 'til Monday.

Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Last Weekend!

I been having wonderful weekends with people visiting. A week ago K. visited me. She is an OT who travels and will be working in Boston. I haven't seen her since we finished school back in Tacoma. I also met her friend J. who is also an OT at Maui Memorial. Nice to have a few new friends.
This past weekend I had a visit from L. who is now an OT. Congratulations L.! We has a good weekend. Going to church on Friday, later to Sansai for sushi, watched a movie till late in the night. Saturday morning we mad waffels, went to the beach to get a tan, went shopping in Wailea, and went to dinner at Manana Garage. Sunday we went up to Haleakala and quick tour of Kula Louge. She also taught me how to wire wrap. Thanks for the necklace L.
Today I got my car fixed so I rented a car. I got to drive around a PT cruiser convertable. It was a cute car. Now I have my car back and it's almost like new, with new breaks, axels, timing belt, water pump, AC.
Enough about all the car parts.
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. I enjoy spending time with people and learning about their lives. Last night I was talking with a friend from Liberia for four hours and he told me all about his life. Thanks! It's amazing to find out that both our lives were changed at 12 in different directions. God is Amazing! He cares for us and brings us through different trials to test us and to prepare us for His Will. I have so much more to learn about God's Will, but for now I want to spend more and more time with him. I enjoy His creation daily and I just need to thank Him every minute.
Well I hope everyone is well.

Monday, January 15, 2007


We finally had our Holiday party for work. We went to the Lahaina Luau! It was a beautiful day. We were all allowed to bring one person as our date. I had my friend's daughter as a date since my friend was bringing her boyfriend and didn't want to pay for her daughter. Two of my friends also got to go as someone else's dates.
We arrived there all dressed up in our beautiful dresses. We were greeted by our boss and were given a ticket and a picture ticket. We walked on where we were again greetted by a boy only wearing a wrap around his waist, who also gave us a Mai Tai. Later another half naked boy gave us a lei and walked us to our table. We had a open bar, so I got another Lava Flow and a Little Tita (lets just say I know why I don't drink). After a time of mingling around and taking pictures it was time to sit down and wait for the next part of the Luau, FOOD!
Poke, crab salad, taro rolls, mahi mahi, fruit, fried rice, Kalua pig, lau lau, and many more delicious things!
Desserts too! Haupia, brownie, etc.
Of course ... next..... the ..... DANCING!
Tahitian, Kahiko, drumming, story telling, Uli'uli, Pu'ili....
Let's just say I never knew hips could move that fast...
It was a good show and 3 and a half hours later we were stuffed and ready for a nap.

Well, tomorrow it's another week of work. Have a great week everyone.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Well it's Aloha Friday. This has been the longest week ever. I think I was getting used to a four day week with a three day weekend. And now next week is another week with a monday holiday. oh, what am I going to do.
Anyways, it has been a hot week also. Sunny days and warm evenings. Sorry for those of you who are dealing with snow. I miss snow, but I am glad I don't have to deal with it right now.
Things in Maui have been good. We had a Tsunami watch on Friday evening after the earthquake in Japan, but nothing happened, Thank God.
Well, just wanted to update everyone on my status. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The new Year!

I can't believe we are already 5 days into the new year. The last two weeks have been real busy for me. I worked on Christmas Eve day, Christmas day, New Years Eve day and New Years day, and some days in between. I was watching a 6 month old baby girl from 3 to 10pm. I got used to it after a while but it's just too hard watching a child in a hotel room. She was a cuttie and I got attached. They left the island already and they asked me if I wanted to move to Chicago for 2 months to help them out, but I told them I liked my job here. I also took care of a littl girl I had last year and the family requested me.

Here are two pictures of
the kids I nannied for.

Well, now I'm back to my normal schedule and I am enjoying my evenings off doing whatever.

Everyone have a good weekend.