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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Not much going on here. The weather has been real windy and rainy. I hope it will quiet down soon cause I have to go work on Lanai on Friday. I am not looking forward to the boat ride.
Yesterday, was so sad. I had a meeting with CPS and today one of my kids will be taken away from their parents. I know it will be better for the kids, but I still feel sad about the whole situation.
This past weekend I had another classmate visit from Oahu. We didn't hang out much since she had 3 other friends with her. We had dinner and breakfast over the weekend. The best Belgium waffles, yum.
I also got to see the movie "Catch and Release". It was an ok movie, but I like watching movies with Jennifer Garner.
Sorry for the sort post, but I don't have much going on here.
Hope everyone is well.


Anonymous said...

What is a 'Maui Wowy'? Somebody at work was talking about that, and I just have to find out from a true Maui-an.

Nicole said...

Hi :) Hope you didn't sink with all that water! We have the driver's phone number now and we'll call him tomorrow (today is his day off). I can't believe you're coming in 2 weeks! Maybe I'll have you get me something from Old Navy, I'll let you know...

apriljahns said...

How long have you lived in Hawaii?

MauiGirl said...

I've been in Maui a little over 2 years now. I can't believe it has been that long already. I do love it here and I have a great church.
It's good to read your journal and know what is going on with you, I haven't seen you in so long.
Thanks for the comment. I need to update soon.