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Monday, May 25, 2009

Not good at this blogging thing...

Well, I'm sure you noticed that I've been kind of slacking on updating my blog. I really have a boring life and many times I have nothing to write.
Like today for instance, it's Memorial day, I decide I'll work a few hours for those clients who said they would come. I drove to Portland this afternoon for an hour (cause I live in the middle of no where) and waited and waited and my first two kids never showed up. I called them and they forgot. Of course they're having fun enjoying the sun and the holiday, and I wait in the stinky office and they forget. Now I'm waiting for my last one, who I called to cancel but she didn't answer.

A couple of weeks ago I worked at a rehab center in Vancouver for my on-call job. They told me it would be for a month, but found out that they center only has me for the one week. I was thinking, oh well I made some good extra money and maybe they'll find me something else. Nope, I still only have my regular job, which is going well but it's still part time.

I leave for Romania in 25 days from today. We are packing soon and still have some crafts prep to finish. I still haven't found a church so I haven't gone in a while, except for yesterday when i went with my parents to Crossroads. They had a guest speaker who does pottery. It was pretty good.

I watched the entire season of Amazing Race 14 online. They went to Romania and Maui, and many other fun places. It was kind of fun to watch. I really would like to apply to be on it. Maybe I can win the one million dollars.

Well, I haven't been doing anything else fun. Started running (taking real slow since i'm not a runner). I might do a 5k in June for Crossroads.

Well sorry to bore you with my boring life. Hope you're doing well.



Sheepie said...

Sorry your patients no-showed. Thats not cool at all. How was Romania portrayed in the Amazing Race? I think we may have seen part of it but I don't remember very well how it turned out.

You looking for places to live in the city? I think I'd be a real homebody if I had to live any distance away from stuff. I'd just say "its too much work to go out" and stay in. But if I'm near stuff I'm more likely to walk somewhere and do something.

Hopefully you get more fulltime work soon so you can get a place and fill your days. Good luck in Romania. I hope that its fun.

Swell said...

Yay, a post FINALLY!

Hope you will find some fun things to do this summer around WA - maybe even before you go to Romania.

Maybe you should go condo-hunting in PDX just for fun :)

Battle Grounds sounds quite boring - but at least you get lambs to play with! Take some more pictures of them for me, they're so cute.

Swell said...

I just saw your blog title! It sounds too sad! Hope you can change it to something more positive...such as: "The Adventures of a Girl who now live in the beautiful state of Washington!" :)

apriljahns said...

Aw... your blog title is kind of sad. Your heart is still in Maui.
At least there are lots of pretty places to swim and picnic in the hot months - that is if you can re-acclimate to the less than tropical water temps. : )

Sheepie said...

You gonna tell us about your summer? How was Romania? Etc.