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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm in LA!

Hello everyone. I just got to LA a few hours ago. My flight from Maui to Honolulu was good, except I didn't kn0w I was going through there I thought it was direct to LA. So when we got to Honolulu they tell us that we might not be able to leave because they have a exit light missing and they are not allowed to fly. We eventually left at about 1am and I was over 2 hours late arriving in LA. We also had to take passengers from a flight to Alaska so we had to wait until they filled all the empty spots on the plane. It was so tight in my seat trying to sleep, but I dozed off a few times.
My wonderful friend was waiting for me in LA since 6:30am, but she got to take a nap before she had to pick me up. After a few drives around we found each other and we are currently in Santa Monica walking around the pier and shops.
Thanks for all your prayers and I will try to update you from Amsterdam. I leave LA at about 5:45 pm if the flight is on time.

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