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Friday, February 16, 2007


Just leaving Amsterdam. I spent the day with a friend (who I just met) who showed me around the city. I am so exhausted, I can't even walk straight. Soon I will be on my last flight to Tel Aviv.
The flight from LA was good, seemed real long. Everytime I woke up it seemed like we haven't gone very far. We got a real good dinner and breakfast. At breakfast I think I became invisible because the flight attendent forgot to give me water and breakfast, I had to ask.
We took a boat ride around the Canal in Amsterdam learning about the history of the city. We also went to Anne Frank's house and the palace.
Well, I will write more later. I can't seem to think right now.
I am doing well otherwise.

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Keira said...

You are such the world traveler! I absolutely love it and I am glad you have had safe travels thus far. You are in my thoughts and prayers hun!!!