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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Itinerary and Hotel Information

Ok, so for those of you who care about where I will be, here is the information I have so far.

Wednesday February 14th I leave Maui at 9:30pm on Northwest Airlines. I arrive in LA at 7am. I will be spending time with my friend for a few hours, and than I leave LA at 5:45 pm. I arrive in Amsterdam at 1pm and will be spending some time in the city with a friend's cousin, before I leave on my 9pm flight to Tel Aviv. I arrive in Israel at 2:30am where I will be greeted by Swell and Sheepie. I am so excited to see them. I get to Israel early the 17th on Saturday.

February 17 to 23, I will be with Swell and Sheepie. And most of you know where that is.
February 23-24. - Mercure Marina Hotel in Tel Aviv. # 011-972-3-521-1777.
February 24-27. - Jordan River, Carmel in Tiberias # 011-972-4-671-4444.
February 27-28. - Novotel Thalassa at the Dead Sea # 011-972-8-955-3333.
February 28 - March 1. - Paradise Beersheba in Beersheba # 011-972-8-640-5444.
March 1 - 7. Grand Court Jerusalem in Jerusalem. # 011-972-2-591-7777.

I will also have a cell so if you really need to get a hold of me you can reach me on that number which I will give you when I get it. If by any chance you need to get a hold of me at the hotel you can just tell them that I am with "Legends' CTSP group". Also Friday and Saturday is our weekend days so many places are not open.

March 7th I leave Tel Aviv at 5:30am. I have a short layover in Amsterdam and I fly to Seattle for another short layover and I am on my way home.

Well I hope this information helps you some.

Thanks for all your prayers.

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apriljahns said...

If your layover allows for it and I'm not at work - would you like to meet for a cup of coffee in Seattle?