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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hope everyone had a blessed day in the new year. I will be spending my last day in Washington. Tomorrow I leave to go back to Hawaii. It was great being here spending time with my family and friends. I was very happy to get to see snow. It wasn't a lot but it was something.
Christmas went well and now we are in the new year. I have to think about some of the things I would like to do in the new year before it flies by again.

Let's review my new year resolutions from last year.
1. Join a gym or start some kind of work out program for myself. - Done (I've joined Power house and I also started eating differently)
2. GO to Israel. (Visit N and M) - Done (I got to visit Palestine and Israel)
3. Lead a team to Romania at the Camp of the Good Shepherd. - Done (It was a great experience and I will be doing it again)
4. Find a potential Husband (of course if it's God's will) - I seem to have difficulty with this one. I prayed for one this year.
5. Save money to adopt a kid from Liberia. - It's in the process. It's expensive to adopt.
6. Sponsor a child in Romania. - Not yet
7. Finish my notes that I am behind on. - Not yet. Still working on them.
8. Start reading the Bible. - I sure started but did not finish.
9. Participate in a Hula dance at Church. - Yes and loving it.
10. Finish Martha's CD of baby shower pictures. - Done
11. Learn to Swim - Not confident enough yet. Will have to work on that harder.
12. Go snorkeling. - No
13. Visit my family at least two times. - August and Christmas
14. Get a six pack or at least a flat tummy. - Ha Ha never
15. Eat at the Four Seasons resort. - Eat? I even got to spend a weekend there.
16. Visit Family in Romania. - Yap in July before camp
17. Visit Keira and Lianne in Oahu. - Saw both of them but not on Oahu, but in Maui. They came to visit me.
18. Go to the Big Island (it will be my last island to visit) - Done (Hilo side and Kona side)
19. See C. and C.'s baby. - Yes, at Christmas time. They are cute.
20. Write a letter to N (different then the above). - Done.

Looks like I will have to come up with a new list. I'll have to think about that one for a while.


apriljahns said...

I'm really impressed that you 1) wrote out so many resolutions, 2) you accomplished so many of them and 3) you were able to find last years' resolutions.
Happy New Year!
Wasn't it great to have a semi-white Christmas?

Matt and Crina said...

Girl, you got a lot accomplished this past year! You should be proud of yourself! Treat yourself to something fun! ...Now I know you like pedicures ;-) Do you have a list started for 2008?
It was great to see you this past season!