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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

At the Pool!

So I was just hanging out by the pool trying to get a tan, when I overhear this conversation:
Kids: Are you Santa?
Man: Yes
Kids: If you're Santa, what's my name?
Missed that answer.
Kids: Thanks for the bike
Man: You're welcome
Girl: Hi Santa
Man: Hi Jessica (mom told the man what the girl's name was)
Girl: (Smiled)
Man: I need a break
While Man was laying on the beach chairs he was listening to a walkman
Kid1: Santa has a recorder
Kids2: He is playing a video game
Kids3: He has his own set up
Lady: you can teach Santa how to swim. What would you say is the most important?
Girl: (didn't really hear how she explained it, but it was cute)
Man: I'll race you
Girl takes off kicking on her boogie board, and looks back
Girl: you're not swimming
Man is using his hands to swim but walking in the pool
Man: I am
Girl talks to him from the sidelines and she is ready to jump and race him to the other side
Man: Look over there
Girl looks away from the pool in that direction, than looks back
Girl: (with a surprised look on her face) Oh, no ( and jumps in the pool kicking away)
Man: I'm winning
Girl: No
Man slows down so the girl can win
Girl: how come you never win?
Man: You can win all the time.
Girl: I can
It was an interesting conversation to say the least. These kids totally thought that this guy was Santa. He had the belly, the white hair and beard, and he was old.

Just something to read for all of you who do...


Anonymous said...

Did Santa have red shorts with white trim?.... just curious!


swell and sheepie said...

Lucky duck. You can go to the pool!? Our pool is frozen.

Hope you're doing well tonight.