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Sunday, July 22, 2007

My adventure begins!

I guess it already began but finally you get to read about it.
So I left Maui about noon on Wednesday July 18th. I got to the airport in time to get on my plane. I asked the nice lady if I could have a window seat closer to the front of the plane.
Lady - "There are no windows left"
Me - "Oh, maybe I'll just stay where I am now"
Lady - "I can give you 16J but there is no window there"
Me - "What do you mean?" (thinking she just told me there are no window seats left)
Lady - "I don't know how else to say it, there is no window there"
Me (think about what she said I realized ...) "oh, you mean there is a wall there just no window"
Lady - "yes"
Me - "I don't care I just want to sleep anyways" ( I only got a couple of hours of sleep the night before)

Well, so I get on the plane and I find my seat. Business class, last row.
I sit down and I feel a little claustrophobic. Seat does not go back since it's next to the wall, and the seat in front of me is a few inches from my face. "oh, I was glad I didn't pay for a business seat"

People come on the plane and I watch to see who is going to sit in front of me. One "bigger" lady sat right in front of me. Then later a "bigger" guy sat next to her.

Here is where the love affair in front of me developed.
guy and girl started talking, sharing a movie dvd player, drinking together, laughing, putting their seats back squishing me, ordering lots and lots of drinks, getting drunk, talking stink about Portland, etc. The flight attendent rolled her eyes at them for ordering so many things.
When the guy got off he hit his head on the luggage thing above, and another lady said "oh, you hit your head" He just walked off the plane rocking side to side while walking.

It was a great thing to watch, very entertaining.

Slept at my parent's house in Battle Ground. They have lots of chickens and goats. So funny, felt like I was on a farm.
Anyways I got a good night sleep and the next day I was ready (well I did have to run to Fred Meyer's to by a toothbrush on the way to the airport) to go.

More on my adventure to Romania.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had an entertaining flight! How did you score business class? Lucky you.

How do you like all the animals at your parents' house? Do they have them for food? (Are they gonna eat the cute goats?)

Safe travels! Send us your phone number in Romania!


MauiGirl said...

Hey Nicole,
Business class was nice, but not where I was sitting. at least no one sat next to me and I got to sleep.
My phone number is (0114) 0746974992.
It's so hot I'm going to die.
Hope you guys are doing well.

Matt and Crina said...

Thank you for the entertaining post. I hope that Romania is treating you great! Maybe on the way back to USA you will score a window seat. Last year we had a window/wing seat. In other words, it was a window seat, but we saw the wing ;-) Luckly we had those little TV's that tell you where you are, how much it is your speed, and so on.

I bet it was entertaining with the guy who got drunk and hit his head. In NY we had a 'variety' of culutres geting on the plane with us. You should see drunk guys in the plane speaking another language (slavic?). Not as entertaining as enlish, you don't know what they are saying, just laughing laudly, and when they sleep they snore ( I guess that is universal). I can't wait to hear from you again from Romania! Eat some Gelato for me!

Have fun, and keep in touch,

Nicole said...

Sorry it is so hot. Know exactly what you mean. Do you have a fan? My dad got us a big fan and it made a HUGE difference. We would spend all day in the living room just because that's where the fan was. We really missed our AC while in Romania - it got too hot, even hotter than Hotlanta!

I will try to call you. Does your aunt have Skype? Cuz we can talk on that. I am not working until Friday! So I've got the time.

Hope you are having a good time there despite the heat! How did luggage go? (where you underweight?)

MauiGirl said...

Tu answer all your questions.
1. Yes some of the chickens are for meat some for eggs
2. The goats are for milk, cheese and soap.
3. I scored business class I guess cause that was the only no-window window seat left.
4. Crina, I already ate Gelato in Sibiu.
5. Nicole, I have no fan, but it's cooling down for now.
6. Crina, where is the baby. Still waiting to hear from you.
7. yes my aunt has Skype, I'll try to be on tonight (tomorrow morning for you).
8. my luggage was just the right weight, but on my way from Maui I had to pay $25 for one suitcase cause I was over 15 pounds.

Anyways I hope I answered all your questions.
Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you got to Romania safely. Sounds like an interesting flight though. I had one of those when I went to see you in Maui. Loud drunk people on either side of me and me squished in the middle. Matt, Noah, and Emma say hi. Have a great time. I look forward to reading more later.