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Thursday, July 26, 2007

In Sibiu and on the way to Cluj!

I slept well, only waking up one time during the night. The next morning I played with my cousin's daughter, Estera. She is so cute.

Then, my cousin and I went in to town, walking many miles to get there in the heat of the day.

The center has changed so much, being redesigned by the Germans. I got a phone number, 01140746974992. Then we met with a guy my cousin was trying to set me up with and had some juice. Then we walked around the town. There were these water fountains that come out of the ground and with the heat everyone was playing in the water. It was so cool on my feet. I also had Gelato and we walked around the city for a while.

I met lots of the kids from previous years.

Eva, me, Adry (from Washington).

My cousin and I having Lemonade (same place that I named earlier).

Around Sibiu.
The next day I left early in the morning. I took the bus to the bus that will be taking me to Cluj. I almost missed the station where I had to get off. I got to the bus station and my bus came quickly. We actually sat in somewhat of a line to get our tickets and on the bus. Some people were ready to push their way in the bus because they had a reservation, but after the bus driver told some people to get off and wait to see if there were any seats, people didn't push anymore.
I got a seat towards the back. There was a girl in my seat but her mom told her to move to another seat. Then they kept moving cause I guess they didn't have a seat. I wanted to listen to music and sleep but my MP3 player ran out of battery and I forgot to charge it the night before. Oh, by the way my cousins told me that this company Dacos will have AC and since it was so hot I was hoping that they did since it was a four hour ride up to Cluj. But guess what, there was some air that was blowing through the vents but it sure wasn't AC. Anyways, sweat was dripping down my back and all over me and everyone was complaining. After one stop we wanted to open the window that was on the roof of the bus, but this old "mos" guy that was sitting a couple of seats in front of me said he didn't like the air blowing on him (maybe "curent) so he got up and closed the window and everyone was yelling at him. But he said that he had a reserved seat and could do whatever he wanted since that was his seat. I almost melted the rest of the way but I made it alive.
My aunt was waiting for me and off we went to her warm house.
More later.


Anonymous said...

So the curent once again takes another victim! Ha!

I don't know if we ever wrote the story we had with "curent". We were first on a maxi taxi and opened the window (which we shared with the seat in front of us - which nobody was sitting in). After a few stops somebody gets on the maxi taxi and sits in front of us and closes the window. A few minutes later we open it again (we were MELTING - we could not breath, you know the story). She proceeded to say "NO!!!! CURENT!!! I have a sick grand-daughter, we just got back from the doctor, why else do you think we are traveling in this heat?!?!" I said softly, "No curent, but viruses and bacteria will make you sick! Supid Romanian" We continued to talk to each other (Matthew and I) and about half an hour later we were reaching our stop. Just as we stood to get up, she OPENS THE WINDOW! I says to her, "BUT, THE CURENT!!!??" She says, "No, the bus is stopped, it's okay now" We get off and wave to her as the bus drives away with the window still OPEN!!!! We were so furious with her, but we were happy we made it off the incredibly full, hot, stinky bus full of stupid, stupid Romanians. And now I'm happily enjoying my AC, with the fan blowing on me from above. I love me my curent! :)


Anonymous said...

One more thing, Matt read your little cousin's daughter's name as "etcetera"!


Anonymous said...

Hey again,

When I wrote a comment before were you even in Romania? I think that Emma took the brain cells that Noah didn't take last year ;). Oh well. I am enjoying reading about your trip.


a romanian said...

Being a Romanian myself I felt offended by your affirmation.

I'm sure you have stupid, stupid people in your country too.. :) This doesn't mean you are all stupid, is it ?