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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Well as I promised here is a quick update on what is going on in my life.

Busy, busy, busy. That's the main thing happening. I am trying to catch up with work but more work is being added day by day. I have to also get ready to leave for my vacation, so I have to see as many clients as I can and get others to see the ones I can't.

We have 2 weeks till Romania so our team has been working hard at raising money and getting everything ready for that. It makes it challenging when everyone on the team is spread out around the country. One person is in Portland leaving for Maryland soon. One left two weeks ago and he is in California, leaving for Europe soon. One leaves on the 17th of July. I leave on the 18th of July (going to visit family in Romania before heading off to camp).

Camp does not start until August 5th, but we are all meeting in Bucharest on the 4th and going together as a team (first time together) to the camp to prepare it before the kids come.

First week we will have 60 boys from around Sibiu and Brasov area, and the second week we will have 60 boys from an orphanage (the boys have mental disabilities).

We have a fun week planned for them each week. We are making box cars and will be racing them at the end of the week. We are also making kites or Frisbees depending on the week, key chains, scrapbooks or photo albums (the kids will all get a camera per cabin and they will have two days to take pictures of what they want and at the end they will be able to put together a album of at least three picture each. Debbie is still looking for disposable cameras in Romania for us so we don't have to carry them from here but no luck yet. if not we will have to take them in our carryone's which already has all our personal stuff since our other two suitcases each are filled with supplies.

We had a garage sale last weekend and the weekend before making a good amount of money. Praise God. We are still short on scholarships but we are getting there.

I have been real stressed and busy lately so this weekend for my birthday I will be spending time on Lanai at the Four Seasons with my good friends enjoying our time at the pool and spa.
Happy Birthday to me.

Next weekend I have a conference on the Big Island (the last island I needed to visit, I've seen all the other ones) so I will be there until Saturday evening.

July 15th is our packing party at my house and hopefully we will be able to fit everything we got in the 8 suitcases we have.

Well since today is Forth of July, we had a big party in Launiupoko at a friends house eating lots of good food (lots of raw food) and cake (even raw). We saw the fire works and enjoyed time also celebrating birthdays for 7 of us. It was fun.

I am going to leave you with some pictures. Enjoy.

The group at the 4th of July Party.

The Birthday cake with everyone's name on it.

The Raw Food 4th of July cake.


Matt and Crina said...

Happy Early Birthday Jilda!!!

I saw your name on the cake, that is a pretty and festive cake! Was it yummy?

Do you know what you are going to be doing for your actual birthday?

Where are you in the group picture?


Anonymous said...

Never mind, you answered: you will spend your Birthday in a spa in Lanai! Sounds devine! Enjoy!

Nicole said...

Hi! Thanks for the update. Good luck and get better! Hope you catch up on work - please don't get fired :) Or I guess you can...then you can move to Atlanta and get a job here! Yeah!