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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time to update my blog

Wow I can't believe it has actually been almost two years since I've updated anything about my life. Let's see... Well I mostly work so that's nothing to update about... I have been to Romania in 2009 which you can read about on the Romania blog. It was an amazing trip traveling with some amazing women. We worked with boys and girls with disorders from special placement centers around Romania. God did amazing things at camp. We enjoyed working together with the Romanian team and enjoying God's beautiful creation.
I also went to Maui with my brother and friend and loved to get to show them around and enjoy the beautiful Maui from the beach to the top of Haleakala.
Christmas was amazing with my cousins visiting from Romania. We got to go to the Portland Zoo Lights, Multhnoma Falls, Solid Rock Christmas Eve service, downtown Portland, and lots of shopping.
End of January I went to Palm Springs, Florida to visit my aunt and cousins. Had a relaxing time just hanging out in the sun by the pool, playing with my little cousins, walking to the beach and seeing the turtles. I also go to spend one night and one day at Disney World where I could be a kid. We had great weather and enjoyed riding all the rides and seeing all the creative things at Disney.
Now I'm back to working lots of hours, 10 hour days for a week and one week off. Not to bad for now. Hopefully I get more time off and I can go to New Zealand.
Hope to update with more exciting news.

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