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Monday, November 26, 2007

Second weekend!

This particular weekend was the weekend of October 19th. My friend (classmate from UPS) from Oahu came to visit for the weekend. I flexed my Friday so I only see one kid and then we can do touristy things.
L.K. came in on Thursday night a few hours after my homeless roommate came from Peru. This was my second time at the airport that day.
After a Thai dinner we were off to the airport again. L.K. arrived safely.
The next day we were ready to see one kid and then do touristy things.
Our first stop: Ulupalakua Ranch where we bought some cool gifts. Some of you will have the opportunity to receive some. Lucky...
Next we went to the Maui's Winery in Ulupalakua. We tasted some wine and enjoyed looking at the other things they had in the store. L.K. got a little drunk (well maybe just a little) on the wine so we had to wait a little before moving on to our next location.
We were off to the lavender farm where we had some tea and scone. The flowers are beautiful there and the view amazing.
It was getting cold and windy and we were getting hungry so we went to Kula Lodge and some great pizza that they make in their outdoor oven.

The next day we went and drove around the back side of the West Maui Mountains. It's so beautiful there and such an exciting drive. We went to the olivine pools, the blow hole, stopped in Lahaina for lunch and then off to the Maui Ocean Center.
Here are more pictures.
So that was another one of my busy weekends. More to come later.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...


swell and sheepie said...

Nicole and I are always jealous of your activities. It seems that every other weekend you're out and about doing something fun. Lucky you. We, on other hand, never do anything fun. Ever. We live in a vicious cycle of work-eat-sleep.

Now Nicles tells me that you're hoping to have a long summer of activities. Its not fair!

Anonymous said...


Finally got a minute to check your blog. Definitely a more exciting life than mine. My time is already up. Emma is awake again.