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Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm sorry I am not good at updating very often, but when something exciting happens I am sure to let you know.
Yesterday was our staff retreat and we spent the day at the beach playing, swimming, getting massages, learning hula, belly dancing, eating real good food, getting things (new bag, PTO, small gifts), and spending some quality time with people from work.
It was an amazing day. Didn't have to think about work except for the time the OT leaving wanted to talk about her cases.
Today it was hard to work after a relaxing day yesterday. I was so tired by 3 pm and had to go home.
Sorry, life in Maui is not more exciting, but the beach, the weather, the short days, and long nights, are pretty much it and not much has changed.
About my trip to Romania. I have currently 4 people including me. We are still planning to go in August. Please pray that we will get the right people to join our group. We found out that the church has too many groups going this year and we are too late to join in the fund raising so we will have to do that ourselves. Many negative things right now about the plans for the trip but I know God cares for those children and we will have the best team to care for them.
Next Saturday our Halau will be participating in the Worship Hula Festival and we will be performing the same song we did on Palm Sunday and some people will be doing the same song from Easter.
Hope everyone is doing well and I will try my best to keep you guys updated.


swell and sheepie said...

Hooray Gilda updated! How exciting. For those of us stuck over here reading even about going to the beach and having late nights is exciting. If we have a late night I can assure you it isn't because we're out having fun - as I'm sure you remember.

Question about your trip - does the camp have too many groups? Is there something for your group to do or are you just going to tag along with a group from elsewhere? Could someone use you elsewhere? I trust that with the skills you and your group have that you can leave a lasting mark somewhere - perhaps at a home rather than at the camp. Maybe you can come up with a training program to train the workers while the kids are at camp? I'd hate for your group to spend all that money and time to just tag along with others. Maybe I'm just confused by what you wrote but if there are too many groups is God not already "caring" for these kids?

Write more to clear up my confusion please! Have a good weekend.


swell and sheepie said...

Sorry. Nicole explained it all to me now I think. There are too many teams going from your Maui church to many different locations around the world so they can't include you in fundraising? I think I understand now. Disappointing to say the least. I'll bite my tongue with everything else I would say about that!

MauiGirl said...

Well she did explain it right. There are too many groups going from my church and they don't want to overwhelm the congregation with fund raising so they are saying we should fund raise ourselves, apparently not at church.
I don't agree with that either but we will just try to raise money some how. we have a meeting on Sunday so we can discuss how we will raise some money.
Anyways, I am also worried that we don't have enough people since they are expecting 8 not 4 for our team.
There are many different teams that come every two weeks and we are the last team that is suppose to work for two weeks.
Anyways, I hope that makes it clear for you.

swell and sheepie said...

Are you going to look for more people who live elsewhere? Maybe some people from WA or something? Good luck with your meeting!

Anonymous said...

Life really doesn't sound that bad in Maui: Hula, beach, sun, SUN!!!! Sun is the thing we are missing here in the Northwes, don't you remember?

So, where in Romania are you going? What fundraiser ideas do you have in mind? Giving belly dancing lessons is always an idea.... Just kidding! My chruch did a Survivor Dinner and it was tropical themed because they are going to Philippines. They included the audience to participate and charged $25/ dinner for the fundraise. Not bad when you feed chicken and rice with pineapple. Let me know how that is going!