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Monday, March 12, 2007

The next few days!

Our next stop was Tiberias, where we stayed at the Golden Tulip for the next couple of nights. During the time that we were there we got to go on a boat over the Sea of Galilee. We also saw many parks that were closed by and drove up close enough to see Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. We saw many military bases on the hills looking out toward Lebanon and Syria. The very northern part of Israel is very cold. While we were visiting one park (where no other tourists were) we were met by a rain/lightening/thunder storm. Good thing that day we went to the hotel early and we got a chance to hang out at the pool and in the sauna. Good times.
While we were driving by the borders I saw many fenced areas that had signs on them saying "Danger Land Mines". We drove by such a fence no more than a foot away. Sorry no pictures we were going way too fast. While up north we were close to Mt. Hermon which is a mountain near the Lebanon Syria border, about 2000 feet above sea level. It snows on this mountain and there are a few ski resorts only open a couple of days a year. When it does snow, a few days later people get excited about the water that they will get from the result of the snow melting. We went to a point near the bottom of the mountain were we got to see a waterfall that everyone was so excited about, but to us who have seen waterfalls many times it was a small dirty waterfall. It is here that we got to try the famous Israeli apples. They look like the red delicious apples of Washington but quite smaller.
Well enough for today, I'm getting sleepy.


swell and sheepie said...

That's quite the dirty waterfall! I guess they're proud cuz they don't have many of them around. You'd think there would be snow here with how cold it gets...I HATE COLD!!!

nicole (do I need to say who?)

MauiGirl said...

No you don't need to say who. They are very proud of the water since they don't get much. And it does snow up in the mountain, they even have a ski resort but only like 4 days out of the year. When we went up close to the Lebanon border it was so cold we had to get back on the bus. I swear it was snowing a little and raining.
They are also very proud of their flowers. Someone told us that some flowers were going extinct and so what they decided to do was to teach the preschool children to not pick flowers and not let their parents pick any either so now they have lots of flowers on the hills and they go out and just walk around and look at them all proud. I thought it was cute. We saw many people out looking at flowers and there were many at the waterfall too. They go out and search for floods since they don't see much water.
Anyways, sorry real long comment to your comment.