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Sunday, March 11, 2007

First day of my tour!

After a sad good-bye, I joined my group for our first of many meals together. Some people ate cow tongue without knowing ( I don't eat mystery meat). We had a short meeting where our tour guide introduced himself to us. He has been training Israeli Tour guides, he is an archaeologist, he has been on the history channel, and has lived and studied in Israel for over 7 years.
I had a roommate who was actually from Maui, also from my church but I didn't know her. There were 8 people from Maui and one from Oahu. 12 students from Ohio, and others from Florida.
During the evening I learned a little bit about Shabat (a Jewish holiday where they seem to be eating and hanging out a lot) there is also a Shabat elevator which stops and goes to whatever floor, you can't push buttons. Don't get on that or you'll never get to your room.
Shabat is observed from sun down on Friday until nightfall on Saturday. After about 7pm on Saturday stores open up and people are out on the town. Around the town they have Shabat lines (which look like power lines) which indicate how far you are allowed to go out of your house during those times. there are many things not allowed to take place during Shabat as it is a time of rest.
So any ways the next day we had to be on the bus with our suitcases at 8am and off we were on our adventure. We went to Caesarea (Acts) where were saw excavations of a palace from the Roman times and aqueducts by the Mediterranean Sea. Then we were off to Nazareth (church of the Annunciation) where the angel appeared to Mary and also where Jesus lived. We learned about the set up of a house during the time of Jesus. Jesus lived in a cave with Mary, Joseph and their animals. It is a cave set up into three rooms the back room is a stable, the middle is a guest or storage room and the front is a main room (where the family lived). Gives you a different perspective on how Jesus lived.
We saw many other things, but these were the highlights of the first few days.
More later.


swell and sheepie said...

Hey, was that the elevator we tried to go up, but some lady told us it stops at every floor? We didn't take it cuz it seemed faster to just walk up 5 flights of stairs... maybe it was not. So that's considered "work" - to push the elvator's button of the floor you wanna get off, is that why they have such an elevator that day?

MauiGirl said...

Yes it was. I learned later what that meant. I guess it's considered work. They don't do much during that time anyways. They eat, play, hang out, burn candles, and go to I think three services.

swell and sheepie said...

But someone must work to prepare the does that work I wonder.. (Hi, I'm home now)


MauiGirl said...

We had left overs and cold things for lunch since they couldn't cook. It wasn't too bad.