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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coudy day in Washington!

As I looked outside, I saw a glimpse of the sun on the green grass and longed for the warmth of the sun. As I prepared to go and embrace the sun, the clouds took over and it was cloudy again. The breeze whispered in my ear and reminded me of the place I was in. Washington.
In 11 days I will feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and enjoy the humidity in the air. I will love the beautiful view as I will look around the island and remember where I once lived and try to forget the cloudy Washington which will be waiting for me after.

Yesterday was yet another rainy and cloudy day, but also a day of celebration. My friend Heather got married to Tim. It was an amazing day and I was glad to be there even though I did not feel well. My third time being sick. Not so fun. I have a pretty nasty cough which gives me a pain in my side every time I cough and feels like my lung will come out on the table in front of me. Well, after that great picture of my sickness lets go back to the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful. The church was real nice and the atmosphere was inviting. Heather looked so beautiful and full of love. Heather and Tim looked so in love and were so excited to share their blessed day with their friends and family. It rained outside as we drove a few miles to the reception. It was cold but it was a fun place to be. The Swiss (oh did I mention Tim is from Switzerland?) wedding traditions were so cute. One was the mother in law teaching her new daughter in law about some daily chores that she will have to do. She decided on ironing a man's shirt. So she said while you can't see much of the shirt why bother with ironing it just cut it off. So she cut up the groom's shirt (sleeves and back) leaving only the cuffs and collar. So to demonstrate that her daughters and her are practicing this, the men took off their jackets and they all had their shirts cut up. It was pretty funny.

Another was the time when Heather and Tim had to sit behind each other and lift up each of their shoes as they answered questions regarding each other. If they both got it right they would receive a present. (Ex. Who drives better, Tim or Heather?).

Anyways it was a great night and I ended up staying until 10pm. A long wedding for most wedding here in the states. I guess I'm preparing for the weddings I will go to in July in Romania. Now those will be long and I better there will be no dancing at those.

Well I will leave you with some pictures (click on )from the wedding and try to get outside to see if I can catch some of this sun that keeps playing hide and seek.



Anonymous said...

You seem so sad to be in washington. Hopefully we can get together an evening this week. I will call you. The beautiful result of all this rain will soon be more visible and hopefully the sun will arrive again soon. :)

Sheepie said...

If you don't move back west you should move further north (Seattle) or a little south (PDX). The Vancouver area is not much fun. At least in Seattle there is a bunch to do despite the terrible weather. If we end up back in Vancouver I'll be a touch sad but will make sure to spend all my time in PDX and that will make me happier.

apriljahns said...

Ditto what Sheepie says. Seattle or Portland. Everything in between is kind of b-o-r-i-n-g. (Sorry, I know you went to school in Olympia, or Tacoma or Lacey....)