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Friday, June 27, 2008

Gallery Show!

So I finally got the camera I've wanted for a while a Nikon D80 with a 18-50 lens.
It's big and heavy but it takes great pictures.
That was the introduction to the following story.

One of my co-workers (#1) found a flier about a contest called "Art inspired by Dance and Life" and she was talking to another co-worker (#2) who is pregnant about taking pictures of her in co-worker #1 belly dancing outfit. But they did not know of anyone to take pictures. Co-worker #2 knew I liked to take pictures and I wanted to get into taking more professional pictures, so she mentioned it to co-worker #1. We all talked about this on Tuesday of last week. We did the photo shoot on Wednesday, we chose out two favorite out of 200 on Thursday, on Friday we framed them and printed them and on Saturday we turned them into the Gallery. We have not heard from them as of 7pm on Friday (6/27/08) and the show is tomorrow, so we think we made it in the show. Well for those who are wondering what the pictures look like here they are: (Note the photographer's name on the picture).


swell and sheepie said...

Congratulations on the showing. I'm not generally a fan of pregnant woman pictures but you did a good job. I especially like the top part of the second photo. You did a good job capturing the motion of her scarf.

Care to share your settings? Did you use a tripod?

I like the concept behind the first picture but am very distracted by a particular part of the photo. I think it detracts from the pregnancy.

Anyway good job!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I hope you made it into the show.

I will talk to you soon.

MauiGirl said...

Both of our pictures made it in the show, but I was not able to go. On of my co-works went.

Anonymous said...

I know who Jilda is.
I don't know who Gavilgavichi is.
Help me to understand.

Nice pictures.


Deliz said...

Thanks for writing this.