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Thursday, August 2, 2007


I can not believe the week flew by so fast. I got to visit the city and lots of relatives.
I'll try to recapture the week for you.
Sunday I arrived by bus in Cluj and it was about 100 degrees. I think I was mostly happy to get off the oven bus. I was picked up by my aunt and uncle in their Dacia (Romanian made car for those who don't know). I arrived at my new residence for the week and a half (or a few days) and was quickly fed. I don't remember everything I did that day but I do remember at night I was not able to sleep very well because the loud noise and the building shaking every 5-10 minutes was keeping me up. What was the noise you ask? Well it's this thing they call "tramvai" (some kind of streetcar or tramway) that run until late at night and start up again around 5 am.

The next few days I went around town visiting with cousins and other relatives. Buying lots of things. 1 dollar = 2.27 RON (Romanian money)
My cousin, her daughter and I went to a cafe and had this wonderful tea. Austrian tea, so good.

I also went to visit my aunt up on the hill and we went for a walk and took pictures of the city. It's a beautiful view from up there.
Here some pictures of Cluj from the hill.

Sorry I didn't get to finish this post but I leave for Camp tomorrow morning and I will have less time, but I will post when possible.
Here are more pictures.

My cousin and her daughter.

In the country visiting my grandmother.


Anonymous said...


I am enjoying reading about your adventures. Matt says "Hi!" Enjoy camp.


swell and sheepie said...

The world wide intraweb ate my comment. I'm not going to type it again 'cause I'm so upset.


Matt and Crina said...

I love the pictures!!!! I remember your grandmother and Dana. I don't know who the lady with the child on her lap is. The baby is adorable!!!

It sounds like you are having a great time in Romania! You take very good and clear pictures! I do enjoy looking at the advertisements. It seems that every year there is some major change in Cluj, and new things coming up all the time. Keeps life more interesting!

Have a great time in camp, keep us posted! And put more pictures!!

swell and sheepie said...

When are you going to write again?